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Have A Nice Day with Kavin&Norm

Bethan Mathis

I wrote this without a musical reference which was a big thing for me as I always had written to others music. Kavin did a wonderful job and then I got Norm to add percussion. This track is my most successful.

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richardlaceves said

Wonderful.. thanks r

keykrazy said

I really enjoy this one, fairynuff. Thank you for uploading it. :)

At first i thought “her voice can make anything sound good…” but then realized the rhythm section is quite nice and relaxing as well. (E.g., i like the way bass gets a little busier towards the end.)

Colleen Dillon said

Happy New Year dear girl! I hope you and yours had a lovely holiday time. All my best for 2017!!!!

vaisvil said

I hope you and yours have a very nice 2017 too! Warmly, Chris

Greg Connor said

Stopped by for another listen! Great way to spend the morning.

slkrell said

It fell in the trash"ooops". great stuff
No one does it better than Bee

Colleen Dillon said

Thanks for listening and sharing the kind and wonderful comments dear! So great to see you here again. Hope all is well. Sending you Happy Thanksgiving wishes from us here in the US!

doktordoktor said

Loved it! Great voice and groovy melody

kirklynch said

Fabulous! Been a while since I’ve had a good dose of Bee!

Wrinkled Shirt said

Both great musicians in their own way fitting your soulful voice. beautiful.

Nick P said

Keep coming back… soulfully honest

H R Music said

Very nice.

Sister Savage said

Utterly stylish! Magical collab. Love the moodiness and your purring vox sound just wonderful in this low slung setting.

The Proods said

When folks with REAL musical talent comment on our Prood music, we the Proods are humbled. Thank you…We had heard Have a Nice Day and loved it…so happy you liked our tune!

Anton said

What a lovely song! Vocals are so clean and melodical, i love it. Guitar and percussion guys clearly know their stuff too!

A Bit More Better Productions said

practically edible vox. not quite sure how you do it. bloody lovely though.

Greg Connor said

Well Done! A nice blend of sounds.

I love that line: “It fell in the trash, oops”

4 minutes of good listening.

Andrew Russe said

Oh, very cool. Nice one.

keykrazy said

Another great one! Thank you for sharing this with us, Fairynuff.

Hope you Have a Nice Day as well. ^_^

vaisvil said

You three gave me a nice day :-) Nice arrangement and vocal harmonies.

Guest said

You’re wonderful. I love you. And, when I remember my log in details, I will fave you.

Pep x

thetworegs said

Fabulous lyric and sang beautifully B……a beauty of a backer too Kavin and Norm … I think this is my fav of yours … Love it !!

Colleen Dillon said

This is awesome! Your voice is brilliant. I love the story in the lyrics - killer chorus. Beautiful all around!!!

Guest said


Johnny Stone said

Beautiful great track

Nick P said

What a great tune…. love the voice!

Gary Fox said

So sultry…so good. Love it…

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