Have you lost some weight or something?

Have you lost some weight or something?

Website is looking very nice today. Can’t quite put my finger on exactly all the things that changed. Some new fonts and graphics I guess. Looks nice, though!

You made our night :) We’ve been jamming hard the last couple days sweetening all the design/frontend stuff up. Happy you noticed!

I noticed the minute I logged on just now… came over here to see if there was any discussion about it.

Yep, looks cool :-)


For the record, montgomeru is the one responsible for the majority of the sweetening.

Good one chaps!!!

Hey, Sudara!

I wasn’t here when you did all the streamlining & I feel good that you were able to soldier on without me because I love what you’ve done with the place.

Now that I’m back, I couldn’t help but notice that stuff I didn’t realize was there, like some commenting features & user-interface decisions, are truly awesome to use & I just wanted to say thanks for taking such good care of this place.

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