[idea] upload daily limit.

[idea] upload daily limit.

although i’m not really into any sort of restriction, limitation and such, i wonder if a limit to user’s daily upload would be a good thing: when a guy uploads 20, or more, of his songs at once, it’s pushing down everyone else’s material, and since AT displays 40 tracks max, it gets tricky to find out and check out other artists latest uploads..

i find it benefit me to limit myself. When I put up song, two or three people might listen to it. When I put up a whole album, people typically pickup on the very latest thing uploaded, hence they listen to the last song i uploaded, and dont even see the first six songs or so. So I find that it is counterproductive to UL more than two to three songs in a day.

ok but then, how do you access the latest releases?

that section could be a whole separate page, like the page under ‘artists’ button, that way there could be much more latest uploads displayed, also

that’d be some major remodeling, no? well, i’m not sure what would require less (or more) work for the dev guys..

Hey guys, missed this post fer a while, Flint my friend, I think your on to something. Maybe not with the upload limit, but how about instead of displaying each song an artist uploads, how bout the menu just says which artists uploaded tracks last. Artist names take up less space than the expansive libraries they upload right?

How about this?

In the “latest uploaded” on the home page, one artist can only take one spot out of the five.

So, if an artist uploads 5 tracks at once, you’ll only see one there, the other 4 spots will be other artists.

Clicking on “View All” will take you to….all latest uploaded, no modifications.


What is the value of the “5 most recent uploads” on the home page? Who is it useful to?

I remember when it was possible for one of my uploads to sit in that list almost a whole day, at that point it was good exposure to people who didn’t know me. I’d be interested to know what the average length of time in that list was now. If it was an hour I’d be surprised. Does it have any value for anyone now?

If the purpose is to help people browse newly uploaded music then I think a more scalable approach (that would be fairly easy now with jQuery UI et al.) would be to replace it with a carousel that exposed all tracks uploaded in the last N (e.g. N=24) hours.


I guess the purpose is still the same: Exposure, albeit for a shorter time than in the past (but perhaps to more people, so it evens out?).

Well, that and it’s nice to keep a pulse on the site.

What I would really like is that all those 5 block chunks of tracks would be able to be paginated in place, so with a couple quick clicks (and no waiting) you can see the other tracks. Maybe we’re talking about the same thing?

Sounds like you guys are talking about the same thing - though I think it would be best to keep it a click action (pagination). Wouldn’t be too difficult to crop up with a little ajax/jquery.

Need exposure on recent uploads? the answer is Tuesday. It’s seems to be the slowest day of the week around here for uploads. :)

I would like to see and option to review all uploads in the last 24 hrs. Perhaps just a scrollable side bar in plain text linkage.

I’m also thinking, it might be a good idea to tell new artists not to upload everything all at once. Put it on the artist sign up page.