Anyone else use FL Studio?

Anyone else use FL Studio?

Been using FL for some time, but would like to link up with someone who might know a couple of tricks I haven’t discovered yet.

i use FL studio mainly these days when I have time to produce

Man I need some to teach me how to make a progressive nd also dance track on fl studio and what are the fundimental rules to follow in the planning nd structure for them

I make ambient chillout in fl

I love it for making music

I currently use reason but I will be getting FL soon I hope. I really think it will help me broaden out and learn. Everything I have seen about FL seems really nice the Eq seems alot more indepth than reason and will help with headroom.

I use FL studio - for me one of the best music production software

You tube has a ton of tutorial videos

Yeah FL is great you are only limited by your imagination.

FL Studio is the only DAW I use and I love it. Been using it since 2004