Steps of Making music?

Steps of Making music?



so i’m reasonably new to making music and i’m a bit confused of the steps you go through the process of making a song.So you make your song, using your headphones But then it comes to mixing and you have to use speakers?
i don’t really understand but everywhere i go people say definitely don’t use headphones when it comes to mixing. To be perfectly honest i’m not even too sure on what mixing/mastering are! So if someone could explain what mixing/mastering are and why you use headphones for making the song but speakers when doing other stuff, I
would be eternally grateful.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

I’ll try to answer briefly. “Mixing” is putting your separate tracks (like bass, drums, guitar, vocals) together in the way you want them heard. This is best done with neither speakers or headphones, but with flat-response monitors. Speakers usually color the sound, and most headphones do too, so you don’t end up with a reliable rendition of the way you want your song to be heard since YOU can’t even hear it exactly right.

Don’t let that stop you, though. Headphones are fine for “panning” tracks stereo left and right, and adjusting relative volumes. Speakers are fine for getting a close approximation of how the song will sound in the real world. In the absence of expensive monitors, use both.

“Mastering” usually refers to work done on the final song already mixed, to add depth, or power, or punch, or whatever final changes you desire. But you can (and usually should) apply these mastering techniques to individual tracks in the mixing phase. Then you can do a final master..

There are plenty of resources online even for people with limited experience. So learn as you go, and just make music.

Dude there are so many awesome free resources today.

Here are a few of my favorite:

and ofcourse Youtube.

To answer your questions, you ned to mix on studio monitors. NOT speakers. Reason is mixing on studio monitors is like using a template. If it sounds good on monitors it will sound good anywhere else (Clubs, radio, etc). If you use any speakers, than the sound you will create will only sound good on those speakers or something with similar specs.