Europe or US Laws on Copyright

Europe or US Laws on Copyright

Hi, everyone, I’ve just uploaded a new song (Easy) which contains some lyrics from the song Chantilly Lace by the Big Bopper. I know that in Europe the copyright for songs is 50 years before the songs become ‘public property’ and can be covered without infringement but is that so in USA as I don’t want to get in trouble for uploading ‘copyrighted material’. What I have done is legal in Europe but I’m not sure about USA.

Hi Moderator can you let me know and if I am infringing any copyright law please ‘delete’ it for me?

it should be clarified that for lyrics that is ‘authors life plus fifty years’ for literary works in europe (mostly)

the straight 50 years from original release was for the actual sound recording, though that was changed in 2009 to 95 years in EU countries

this is a nightmare to unravel for different countries ..

Thanks Gumbo, I’m still not sure if it’s legal or not but unless anyone says any different I’ll leave it up.