kicking ass list stuck?

kicking ass list stuck?

Perhaps there was a problem with people rigging their tracks to show on the charts - now since ~ May 17th I have had my piece “Two parts for Guitar and Bass” in 5th place.

I know that on some music sites having charts have been known to drive some people to do misdeeds to make it on the chart. I hope this did not happen here, but if it has, this is certainly a reasonable solution. I see the same 5 songs on the list no matter which browser or device I use so it seems this is a real thing.

Can someone tell me if this is on purpose or is it broken?



It was broken!

We migrated servers and somehow the updater got stuck.

Thanks for bringing it up, it’s fixed now and I’ll keep an eye on it to make sure it stays that way in the near future.

Hmm, it’s being stubborn but I’ll sort it out shortly!


Thank you - and especially thank you for the site!!