log out problem

log out problem

Now when I log out I get told that I was never logged in in the first place. Very weird. Second time that’s happened in the last few days

Hmm, that is odd. I just tried to logout and couldn’t reproduce, but I’ll keep my eyes open!

Still happening. This is with Chrome. If I use Firefox instead of the “you weren’t signed in anyway” thing I get sent to a redirect page with a link to the logout page!

Hi Kirk

I checked this out on chrome and could reproduce the problem. I think I fixed this.

Could you clear your cookies for alonetone.com and let me know if you still have the issue? https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647

sorry, but the problem still persists. It let me log in but then when I go to the main page I’m no longer logged in. Just now when I clicked on my stuff I got a page to join Alonetone

I have the same problem. It’ll log me in but when I click to go the alonetone home page it just signs me out. Using Chrome. Oh, and thanks for the help for my previous help question, Sudara.

Today the problem seems to have gone away so whatever you did Thank You Sudara!