Playing music

Playing music

I can’t play music I hit the button and nothing happens, I use OSX, what to do ?

Hi there, which version of OSX are you on?

Also, which browser are you using? It’s working fine for me on OSX here, but I’d love to help figure out why it’s not working for you.

High Sierra Version 10.13.6 (17G65) I use Safari, but have tried Chrome, it’s sad I can’t listen to music cause then it’s hard to comment ;)

Hmm, really strange, that should be fine — do you have any extensions installed, ad-blockers and the like? Maybe something is blocking playback…

My adblocker is not activated on this site.

I can hear music on my iphone using Safari, i just can’t hear music om my Mac in any browser, do i need a plugin ? quicktime ot HTML5 player `

I looked into this more — it looks like after this last database upgrade we had a problem with our geolocating of “listens” — cities with utf-8 characters were somehow unhappy.

Long story short — it looks like this only affects a small % of people, but I’m sorry it affected you! Should be fixed now.