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I am The Ghost of this Forum


Did I scare you?

(tumbleweed rolls by)

Is this theft? Mods?

I’m the golden snitch.

Something I hate

The kazoo is satan’s whistle. You can get the same sound through blowing on a comb with a piece of paper wrapped around it. For some reason it is a quiet sound but destroys all other riffs it plays with.

Is this theft? Mods?

How about this one?

Something I hate

You lay down a couple of tracks then you sling in some other instrument. which somehow causes the other tracks to halve in volume!!!!!!!!! YOu adjust the levels but no way is that new instrument gonna let you hear it AND the other tracks at the same volume. Always with the kazoo with me. I HATE AND LOVE YOU KAZOOO!!!!!!!!!

Is this theft? Mods?

Sounds like the real music not cover versions to me. I could be mistaken.

no favourite link

Title says it. No heart symbol on a track.

Anyone else use FL Studio?

It would be a good trick to learn how to stop it crashing every time you use it. Lost five songs in a week!

Can't play songs

Doing it again!

hella praise

I thought you meant the band Hella. :) :(