Dirge 9


This is not a real song. It is just something I made up. If you hear any music it is a delusion you are having. Some guy wanted to use it in his film SPICEY NOSE WHEEL but when I pointed out it was not real he attacked me with a really stiff pair of pants with tiny pink rubber gloves glued to it. So anyway, how are you?

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Jason H. Austin said

Did I mention that your ears makes my funny feel music?

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invertsys said

Love this drums. Sounds like Autechre.

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vaisvil said

Your comment on Check In was worth the price of admission. Buzz Aldrin believes in UFOs. I’m fine thank you, well, I was. The psychiatrist will be delivered by llama courier in a pea-pod van that has Chicago traffic light cameras for head lights. Did you notice the. No I was watching the penguin on the tele. oiy!

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Jason H. Austin said

im fine.glad your jfk globe and beard are ok.i am using a rubber chicken to measure the length of this comment so i guess im about done. awesome sounds.

Guest said

u manage to put so much into some short pieces… good job

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jimgoodinmusic said

you’ve been so generous in comments to me fudge, thank you so it’s my turn and I’m hearing some new stuff since last time. This has a great groove and the low noise beat sounds like a war chant. The retro 8 bit lines are a nice contrast.

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