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Fistful Of Dollars

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I had to do it. I had to write a song for a Bond movie. Now they just need to make the movie, and hire me to do the soundtrack.

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Keith Landry said

Crazy blend of styles. Instant fave.

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Nightmoth said

For some reason [wink, wink] I agree with everything Merry Bear said!

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Fire Jam Band said

Very James Bond sounding track - I image a 007 big finally scene playing while listening to this. Great track!

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

sweet production....

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Merry Bear said

This is a very professional, great job! Excellent performance, really! I dig everything -- vocals, lyrics, music -- all of it! Very impressive! Rock on!

Guest said

Ha awesome! :D

Guest said

Damn, this song just kicked my ass.

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Andrew Russe said

Woo, what an opening... hang on, I need to switch to the good speakers!! Love it.

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Endicott Road said

The album was so good I ended up listening to some of the songs twice. Quality work once again, my friend. It's a shame we only hear from you once a year. ER

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Dweeb said

Thanks for making us all seem lame again.