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Eto Vsyo (That's All)

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My banjo-centric mainly acoustic arrangement of Yuri Shevchuk’s classic Russian rock tune, with apologies for to him for attempting to sing it in the original language . Well, I guess he’s welcome to have a go at any of my songs in English!

This was my favorite song by DDT (Yuri’s band) long before I could put more than 2 words together in Russian. The full impact of the lyrics a still a bit out of my reach… my Russian family and friends say not everything is translatable. Basically it’s a song about the final breakup of a relationship.

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slkrell said

Good mix banjo and voice , rare and choise

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Greg Connor said

Robert . . . You keep raising the bar. I'm never going to catch up. This is absolutely beautiful. It's simple and at same time powerful. Nice one!

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Gene Eric Mann said


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Robert Palomo said

Mark I - yep, I take blame for harp and all else. Proverbial jack of many, master of none... that's me. :-)

Guest said

very nice… and as a harp player, I like what you did with that… was that you?