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Macondo, the long journey


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Zero hours in sleepless Macondo. Always. Тhe window is open. I hear scraps of lazy conversations from below that strangely mixes with the hovering sounds of the untuned guitar radio in the back room.

    • Don’t you think the ending poignant? Standing all alone in the street, calling for Alice with the snow falling.
    • Hmm, like one lonely poppy in a vast meadow. Waiting for a bee to come along. Will she find it? I would like to think so.
    • What if the bee will find another one that seems more attractive to her?
    • Well that would be sad for the poppy.
    • Look, she lands on the one you just mentioned! …and that has made all the difference.

An infinite radio floats and sparks out of nowhere, time and again.


  • Macondo is a town pictured by Gabriel García Márquez, in One Hundred Years of Solitude novel.
  • I’m not quite sure, but I think they were talking on a French film based on the novel “Flowers for Algernon”.
  • Thank you Bethan for bringing me back into the feelings of the old book reading, and for the title theme from the imaginary movie “Light Fingers”.
  • Something was inspired by Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”.

Bad Münder am Deister

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Dirty Spirits said

soothing sounds

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thetworegs said

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ... someone put something in my ear and now i can't get rid of it!

Guest said

Yes it was, and That HAS made all the difference. Bethan

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