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This title seems appropriate. Since we moved to rural NV in July 2022, we have been yelled at, vandalized, and I was either hit by a car or attacked while on a morning walk and left for dead. I’m starting to realize how dangerous life can be for us queer folk (but still maintain my place of privilege; I am able to hide it for my own safety). After many months of recovery, healing, learning to sing again, learning to be taken care of, and both Tom and I finding comfort in the healing power of music (and collaboration with others), we are slowly compiling this new collection. I also hope to resurrect some originals I wrote ten years ago, perhaps sung through an older, wiser voice, maybe with Tom’s accompaniment. We’ll see. Life is day to day and music threads each together.

I’m slowly, tentatively, crawling out of this hole, to again experience the warmth of the sun. <3Kat

Tom: guitar, vocals; Kat: vocals, harmony, keys; Niandra Simone McMurderfeet: backing meows