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Rich Man's Blood 070112

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There’s not a drop of RICH MAN’S BLOOD
in the puddles of this war.
But the blood that’s spilled’s become a flood
of the hungry and the poor.

There is not a trace of RICH MAN’S BLOOD
in the bags that hang beside
the beds of legless soldiers
in the hospitals state side

That’s not the red of RICH MAN’S BLOOD
there in our country’s flag
and it’s not the rich man’s blood
that stains the body bag

The RICH MAN’S BLOOD is thin and runny
Steeped in the dollar sign
The RICH MAN’S BLOOD is blue and precious.
Not like yours and mine.

There’s not an ounce of RICH MAN’S BLOOD
in the dusty blood-soaked road
where the soldiers die and the mothers cry
when the roadside bombs explode.

It’s not the RICH MAN’S BLOOD
that spilled on Calvary
Today the poor man dies
for the rich man’s company

Repeat chorus…..

(C) 2012 Royal T Music

Guest said

So perfectly said...A sad and hideous fact of human existence.

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Johnny Stone said

Great track mate very well done.

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Tresson said


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Greg Connor said

Here is Kavin's post in the alonetone forum: That's great news about getting a song in the movie! Sounds like we have a celebrity in our midst.

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Greg Connor said

How are you doing with the Texas Songwriter contest. I found Kavin's comment on the forum. I think that is pretty neat James! I hope you win!

Guest said

Great performance JM. There must be some wealthy people who died for their country, surely!

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Greg Connor said

Thought provoking. It gives me a sick feeling when I think about how we are all being manipulated.

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Lake Fork Verne said

I just listened again...It is a very good song, done just right.

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terrysongs said

SHARED this one on my facebook page.