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Sawtooth Requiem - redo

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Sawtooth Mountain. Working minimum wage
Clearing slash for a trail for the lift to the edge
Snow starts to falling the wind blowing sharp
Freezing my breath and breakin’ heart
Some men’s got to hunt. Some men’s gotta ski
Some men’s gotta lot. That man’s not me

A man’s got to hunt for what a man’s got to pay.
A man’s got to work by the night, by the day
Feeding food to his woman. Putting clothes his kid
But weather like this undoes all he did
Can’t feel my nose. I can’t feel my knees.
The boss man says go on home you can’t work in weather like this

Boss says, “It’s too cold to work so I owe you no pay.”
“I’d rather have frost bite than starve,” I say
Boss says, “Fine.” But don’t blame me
If your fingers freeze off. It’s 20 degrees
The wind’s already made your nose turn blue
I’d go home if I was you

You see that’s the problem. He’s not me
He never was and he never will be
He thinks hunger is missing a meal
And starving’s a crime if it leads you to steal

Up on Sawtooth Mountain. Minimum wage
Axe bounced off a stump. Now it’s buried in my leg
The snow falls silent. Think about my wife
Think about my daughter and the rest of her life
Some men’s got to hunt. Some men’s gotta see
Some men’s gotta live. That man’s not me.

(C) 1012 Royal T Music

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Guest said

I love your delivery, it has great rhythm too.