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Gene Eric Mann said

You commented on my HEAR MY FINAL SONG song, "Makes me want to hear more of the story." My idea for the song was, what if life was a bar, and all 7.5 billion earthling were group into just a handful of characters that could fit into a bar. But the reason it's my final song is due to an illness that is preventing me from playing guitar like I use to and I don't have the strength and energy to take on anymore recording projects. Thanks for listening and your interest in the song -- it means a lot!

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Gene Eric Mann said

WHOA! Brief but epic. Very, very cool!

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Greg Connor said

I'm on my second listen. It's very interesting but totally unexpected. Something about it is very facinating. It might be the driving rhythmn.

Guest said

This one is atmospheric! What are you up to, exactly? Wonderful!

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terrysongs said

pow-wow time