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DISHES 090620 A

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(I Almost Washed the ) DISHES

I almost washed the dishes
I almost ran the water
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe Saturday
What does it matter to me
I almost washed the dishes..

(C) 2020 Royal T Music

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Five songs in.... I remember listening to Food In My Belly already. So far I'm loving the harmonies. Fireflies. Cracked up listening to Dishes. Sure can relate. Nuno

Guest said

I think we have all been there, really cute song!

Guest said

Love it. Always enjoy your work. Thank you.

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

HAHAHAHA - I know the feeling well... Have you got a camera in my kitchen??! I never leave them quite that long... but I'm often washing up when she gets home. And I suspect I will be doing the same in 20 minutes or so...