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Sleepy Head 071320

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Little Sleepy Head
Why do you fight so hard
Close your tired eyes now…

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James Michael Taylor said

Yousra Fouani Beautiful.

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thetworegs said

i think it's time for a knap

Guest said

You know that sound we all do when we've had a big day and worked/played really hard? Ahhhhhhhmmmm...that one...That's how I felt listening to this song. Thanks, James for continuing down the rabbit hole. So many places to ;)

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Greg Connor said


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James Michael Taylor said

This is so soothing......your voice is like an angels....I'm thinking of listen to it tonight when I can't seem to turn my mind off....hope you don't mind.....thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself with me." Dorothy

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Andrew Russe said

I am SO tempted to follow the advice in this one ... but I'm meant to be working!! Lovely melody and chords.