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Close your eyes and tell me. Tell me what you see. In the sleepy landscape of your reverie. Can you count the blossoms in the garden of your mind? Think about the mountains and the flowers and the trees. Imagine pretty patterns in the pictures you will find

Can you see the sparrow and the pigeons clinging to the wire?
Can you hear the wind blowing thru their feathers like an angel choir?

Close your eyes and listen. Listen to them sleeping. The bears are hibernating. (Squirrels in the tree tops) Chickens cease their peeping.
Sleepy blossoms closing in the garden of your mind. Listen to the water flowing in the river. Gophers in their burrows sleep without a shiver. Sleepy fading pictures of the patterns in your mind…*

Listen to the snow fall. Listen to your heart beat. Listen to the sunset. Mmmmmmmm. Listen to the moon as it whispers across the sky
The silence of your pillow. The quiet in your eyes.

(C) 2007 Royal T Music