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Oh Jimmy

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Oh, Jimmy!

On page thirty of the yearbook he found a picture sweet
A girl named Marie Angel, in school right down the street
He didn’t notice that the date was 1983. Oh, Jimmy!
Oh, Jimmy!

That night he told his mother he’d finally found the one
She smiled and hugged her angel. She said, “That’s wonderful,
son.” She didn’t stop to ask him who this girl could be.
Oh, Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy!

Later in the evening, something on her mind
Prompted her to ask about her darling’s loving find
He said, “I found her picture in a book at Dugan’s store.” Oh, Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy!

He said, “Her name is Marie Angel,” and his mom began to
cry. She couldn’t even say the words when Jimmy asked her, “Why?” How do you keep a secret you always thot was best?
Oh, Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy!

On page ninety is a picture of that girl , she tands by Jimmy’s
father. King and queen of the Homecoming world. Nobody
seemed to notice the queen was great with child.
Oh, Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy!

No more words were spoken about that day again
Jimmy bought the yearbook and he holds it now and then
Perhaps some things are best left unspoken if you can.
Oh, Jimmy! Oh, Jimmy!


Guest said

I really like the subtlety of this one Goldyn