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The Boy With The Purple Elbow 012018 After Edit

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Born with my left arm over my head, a big blood blister covered my left elbow. .I was extracted from my mother’s body with forceps. Seems that caused a tumor on my right temple which was surgically removed when II was about three. The purple elbow, I last remember being a consideration in junior high. Eventually it faded away, without fanfare



The boy with the purple elbow liked to climb tall trees
The boy with the purple elbow had scars on his knees
Nobody could know because it did’t show
Because the boy with the purple elbow
Always wore long sleeves

So, he could not play basketball
And he could not run track
And he could not be on the swimming team
Because the shirt on his back
But he could play the guitar
And he could sing a song
And some things just don’t matter
When everybody is singing along

The boy with the purple elbow
Met the girl with the burgundy cheek
The boy with the purple elbow
Felt his knees grow weak
That summer in the park
He learned the beauty of a beauty mark
Now the boy with the purple elbow
Has started rolling up his sleeves…

(C) 2018 Royal T Music

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Guest said

awwe, now i love the girl with the purple cheek,didn’t finish listening you guys are so beautiful…love this!!!!

Guest said

awwe i love this lil’ boy with the purple elbow poor baby, love this song, so cool!