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Home in G 102920

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(Am D) or (F C)
Where the (G) windmill sings to the mocking bird
And the (C) prairie wind, without a word
(Am) Whispers thru tall (D) grass, I’ll be (G) home
(F C G) or (Am D)
Where the butter cups and the thistles thrive
And the Black-eyed Susans dot my drive
I’ll be humming to myself, I’m almost home (Am D) or (F C)
When I (Em) feel the gravel crumble in my (C) driveway
And the (Em) puppies all come running out to (C) play (D) I’ll (G) know I’ve died and gone to heaven (C) finally
And my (Am) mom and dad will (D) greet me that fine day. (G F C G)

(Em) Charlotte hangs by the (C) back screen door
(Em) Mending the web that the (C) horse fly tore (D)

Where the cattle lo and the horses neigh
And the mountains look so far away
I’ll be rolling down my window ‘cause I’m home

(C) 2020 Royal T Music

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oldfolks2 said

Sure is some good listening .....

Guest said

Nice song James. Great vocals. Reminds me a lot of CSNY. from acoustic57 :)

Guest said

Love this whole album James - sometimes you don't need 3 minutes to say everything you need to say. You're pretty much a master of that.... ~~ Peace, Wade

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Andrew Russe said

I'll comment on this one :) ... mighty fine song.

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James Michael Taylor said

Colleen Dillon ( Love this entirely!

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James Michael Taylor said

"Mending the web that the horsefly tore..." .what a line..what an image... I love that...really love that image...delicate and hopefull....and magical... Matthew

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James Michael Taylor said

i like it, but i'd like to visualize a little more of this place. thanks, james for sharing these!!!