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…and then he said,
I like skinny girls
Toothy girls
Flat chested girls
I like girls with Adam’s apples

A mouth full of titty
And a hand full of ass…
A girl with a six pack
is my kind of…

And then he said,
I like rowdy girls
Tom Boy girls
Smart ass girls
I like girls that like to wrestle

A mouth full of titty
A hand full of ass

(C) 2020 Royal T Music

Guest said

I'm not sure I want to know where you came up with this... :) acoustic57 My song "Down By The Sea" is from spending time at the beach with my wife. So, yes, it is pretty much real :)

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Andrew Russe said

I wondered if that was the case :) ... mine's still with me, though she claims she's on the way... and every now and then she goes "but you like skinny girls" and I go "not since I met you!" :)

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Andrew Russe said

Hehehehe... This was me when I was in my 20s! Tastes change, though.... You learn you probably do need something to grab on to... Like you did with your Mum or Gran... Otherwise you end up falling over in the street and stuff like that...