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Rick Babb came over with this with another title. I said, “The title of this song is A GOOD CRY,” and we threw away everything but the first verse and I took the first verse and made it more immediate and, as they say….“The rest is…”

Rick Babb/JMT

Why don’t you cry
I know you need to
A tear is meant to ease your pain
A flood could come
And it would wash you
So, don’t you try and hold it back
A good cry can’t be bad

Why don’t you cry
Come her, I’ll hold you
Our tears are meant to ease our pain
The flood has come
So, let it wash you
And don’t you try and hold it back
A good cry can’t be bad…

Guest said

Good gawd, this song still makes me cry, every time I hear it... and I have listened to this song for years. Good gawd, what a great song. You do know, old friend, that on most of your songs, I love your voice; but this song cries out for someone who is a true vocalist.

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jip said

Aw. Lovely piano, and lyrics.

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stoman said

Simple and beautiful. Simply beautiful. :) Regards, Steffen

Guest said

did you have a co\writer????????

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