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The creek’s a risin’ and my line is set
Gonna cash in on my catfish bet
My bobber’s a bouncin’ and I’m gonna get wet

She said she’d fix me dinner if I caught a fish
She might suspect that’s my favorite wish
So, I got myself a bucket and some bait and a net

A net, a net, Annette

The moon’s arisin’ and we’ve already et
Makin’ eyes with my darlin, Annette
Gonna take a ride in my Chevrolet

She cooked me dinner cause I caught a fish
How did she know that was my favorite wish
She’s so smart, I won my bet with Annette

Annette, Annette, Annette

So, that’s my song about my catfish bet
How I caught a fish with a net
And I told ya ’bout my favorite wish
How I caught Annette with a fish…

© 2015 Royal T Music

Guest said

Cute and chirpy!

Justin Otter Guy's avatar
Justin Otter Guy said

In the future, they should teach this to elementary students they way they teach Stephen Foster songs in school today. It's brand new but I'm already wanting to label it a classic!

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