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Coal Fever

James Michael Taylor

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D D sus D D D sus D
When I got the fever I was eight years old
Mamma called the doctor. So the story is told
G G sus G G G sus G
The doctor’s diagnosis made her blood run cold
D D sus D D D sus D A
He said I’d been infected by the number nine coal. Coal…..

I never told my mama how I got the disease
I hid the black scars on my elbows and knees
When you grab a boxcar when it’s starting to roll
Miss that first step, you got a fist full of coal

A Am
*COAL…………………….. FEVER
COAL FEVER runs in your blood
COAL FEVER turn your name into mud
Gotta find a woman in every town
Am Am…….G E
That’s the only way to keep the fever down.

They say you starve a fever when you feed it the coal
A wife and six kids can get pretty old
I never leave a trace and I don’t look back
And they found my old DeSoto on the railroad track…COAL FEVER *

My mama died of cancer and my daddy lost heart
Don’t like to talk about it because it breaks my heart
That old fever keeps me hopping. I don’t want to be late
When I hop that Midnight Special at the Pearly Gate…COAL FEVER *

© 2007 Royal T Music

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