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My motto is INWARD THRU THE FOG. One day about a month ago, Laura ‘Taylor’ Whitfield told me I should, “write that song.” Thinking back on a fog-bound night in California, I wrote it. Norman Pilcher, a friend from Texas, and I were headed north up the Redwood Highway headed toward Portland, Oregon when we blew a back tire and hit the ground pretty hard.

EUREKA Key of Em

  1. Riding (EM) buddy behind Norman. (C) 101 up California
    Dumped the (AM) bike out in the (D) middle of the (Em) road
    Cracked my helmet on the pavement
    That old road’s a cruel assailant
    Throw a tire and you take that body blow
    Drag the (C) bike into the red woods
    Cover (Em) up with moss and dead wood
    Crunch of (Am) pine cones as you limp back to the (B) road
    That old Avenue of Giants parallels that Redwood Highway
    Cardboard sign that says Eureka is our goal

  2. Zip our coats, it’s getting colder as we step up on the shoulder.
    Two big thumbs out at the bend at Hodges Road
    I think, “Oh, no, here comes a Smoky.”
    Pulls it over, drives real slow, he stops the car
    Opens the door and says, “Let’s go.”
    Drops us off outside Maranda. Fifty miles now from Eureka
    Moon is waning and the air as thick as snow
    There, we languish in the silence
    As Norman’s feet yield to the violence
    I take my sox off and he pulls them on real slow

  3. Soggy mist glows in the moonlight
    As we slip into a mud slide
    and get tangled in the darkness down the slope
    Busting blisters in my sneakers. Sweaty toes, like naked sisters
    Another Eureka Moment if you’re keeping score
    And I’m not one to grovel, if it matters I read the novel
    And I’ll be there no matter where I go
    The fog hangs at eye-lever. About five feet above the devil
    and I know you know I know

  4. Finally reached Eureka Junction in the wake of our malfunction
    Where stranded hippies leave laments along the road
    My sleeping bag was made of paper but that night it was my savior
    Thanks to some entrapinour in Idaho
    Red dress ria el portuna. Sin quinta down to nada
    Eureka’s just another town along the road

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terrysongs said

Ouch ....I liked the story song appeal

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stoman said

I don't want to repeat myself over and over. Kudos for another great song! :)

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