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FIREFLIES. capo @ 2

F walk down

We (C) spoke of them as (C/B) sweethearts
There (Am) in the Southern (F) sky
(C) Saturn, just a (G) twinkle, bold (F) Jupiter near (G) by
I (Am) guess we didn’t (Am/G) notice
as they (Am/F)drifted a (C) part
We were (C) busy (C/B) chasing (Am) fireflies (Am/G)
In the (F) thickets (G) of our (C) hearts…

(C) 2020 Royal T Music

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James Michael Taylor said

"Fireflies." has a stellar intro, and then you woot he listener in with your crooning and compelling vocals. I have always loved the topic of fireflies and your hook about chsing fireflies in the htickets of two hearts is Phenomenal. Lots of nostalgia in this one, especiually for the girl next door who played a game with me, a kiss for every firefly i caught for her. But man those bugs were elusive as hell. But when I got a few, I was enthralled by her gentle thank you on my lips. Matthew Blowers III

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James Michael Taylor said

Beautiful - Laurie Calinan

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Andrew Russe said

Short but very sweet. I love these short ones with the almost throw-away lyrics that are SO full of meaning to the listener.

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