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Grumble Rumble 120116

James Michael Taylor

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Remembering Standing Rock

Grumble rumble goes the sky
Spitting water in my eye
Whhhhhhhhhhh goes the wind
Time to call the children in

That’s no rumble from the sky
Those are guns with barrels that glow
And the freezing water in my eye
It’s spraying from a water hose.

(C) 2016 Royal T Music

Guest said


Guest said

Unforgettable! Will become an earworm for some. Very disturbing, this scenario, but "same as it ever was." This country has been exploiting the land/resources/culture/heritage/peace of mind/environmental balance/spiritual elements of our native peoples since the very beginning. Began on the backs and bones of the indigenous, and developed economically on the backs and bones of the slaves. Yea, us. A city set on a hill!

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anna31 said

Nice one James ! There's a lot going on, brilliant !

Guest said

That is a good song that sticks in you mind , you feel it after you hear it

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doktordoktor said

Like this. Lyrics, melody, effects, rhythm. Good job!

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