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One man might buy cigarettes and waste it all in smoke
Another marijuana and share a friendly toke
Another, with more money, might invest in antique cars
I buy guitars

A man might buy a baseball card
Keep it locked up in a drawer
Another might buy a comic book
I can’t remember what for
Another might save wheat pennies
Keep ’em in mason jars
I buy guitars

I buy them because they are pretty
And they feel good in my hands
And maybe, some day, I can play one in a band
But if it comes to nothing and I end up with gigs in bars
I still have my guitars

Investing in the lottery is investing in your hopes
Or invest in the Financial Times so you can learn the ropes
The dreamer buys a telescope so he can view the stars
I buy guitars

A pretty little Takamini for $100 flat
Ninety bucks for a Warlord bass, now who could pass up that?
I find them on the internet and at conventions and bazaars
I buy guitars

I like ’em ‘cause they’re pretty, and they stay
I never had a guitar up and run away
I’ve been told that love is easy.
I can tell you that’s a farce
That’s why I buy guitars

(C) 2020 Royal T Music

Guest said

I name all my new guitars Britney, cause *Oops I Did it Again*! Great song, man!

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James Michael Taylor said

Jeremy Menson - Guitar addicts " I love this!"

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James Michael Taylor said

"Love this! That last verse... ummm hmmmmm." Gwyn Henry

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Greg Connor said

This is a gem! I’ve been a member of the 12 step Guitar Buyers Anonymous for years.

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Andrew Russe said

Oops... just ordered another one....

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Andrew Russe said

Yep... My name is Andrew, and I buy guitars

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James Michael Taylor said

I love that...reading and listening to it..! Love the sounds...i can feel the amercan poet in the music...and the vocal sound is really full... That song just makes me want to buy an old guitar....i keep lookin in the second hand stores around here...but theres no guitars...i dream that someday i’ll walk into anthony o hallorans second hand / antique shop, and there’ll be some old gem of a six string , archtop maybe, or a rusty old tele...full of mojo...waiting there for me to find...! I check every time im passing his place....i think i’ll never stop waiting.... But yes...thats a great should send that out to dream guitars ashville....paul huemiller owns it....or some such shop....i bet one of those places would love that song for a doin my website at the love to put that track on my instruments page...! Then people could send pics of the old guitars they bought and i could post those pics too...wouldnt that be a bit of all buy guitars....a choir of guitar pickers could sing it....we buy guitars..✌️ Also...i never saw the link between telescopes amd guitars before....but i do now...its a cold night here...and a clear sky full of stars....Matt

Guest said

Cool song, well written, vivid, and fun with a wicked twist at the end.

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thetworegs said

i buy guitars....i can't play them properly .... but i buy guitars too

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Breaking Light said


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