James Michael Taylor

James Michael Taylor

from Cowtown Texas, US

About "I Hate Goodbies 101417"

I HATE GOODBYES September 8, 2017 Capo 2 IN D

I go in the back door. Never in the front

All of that attention is the last thing that I want

You know what I’m talking ‘bout the kisses and the hugs

Climbing on the furniture, tripping on the rugs

I get so distracted I can’t even try

Oh, I’m leery of hello because I hate goodbye

We all have a capacity for work and exercise
Education and a politicians lies
And we all have our limit when it comes to grief
Another quiet defection is the last thing I need
I feel so disrespected, cut down below my size
I’m so leery of hellos because I anticipate the goodbyes

I get there in my chariot. I’m always in a rush
I tell my inhibitions it’s time for them to hush
I just want to be there when the time is right
Tune my guitar, sing my song and vanish in the night
I get so distracted, it’s like my face is full of pies
I’m second guessing my hellos because I hate my goodbyes

Some folks pick a guitar. Some forks kick a ball
It all comes so easy or it doesn’t come at all
Some folks last forever. Some folks last a half
Some folks ride the rapids in a rubber raft
I get so distracted, try not to see them die
I’m so leery of hello because I hate goodbye

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