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I never sing this song the same two times in a row.
The lyric below is pretty close to how I sing it now.


I play a C. I play a G
Then I play an Am because it sounds so sweet

I work hard. I get tired
Then I go home to my woman and the children that I’ve sired
We eat beans. We eat bread
We brush our teeth. We take our bath
and then we go to bed.

Ain’t got time for politics. No hi-toned conversation
No fancy guitar licks
I play a C. I play a G.
Then I play and Am because it sounds so sweet.

I got lots of kids. We got a big old bed
We make es. We make Hs
We make every letter in the alphabet
We sleep hard. We dream deep.
And we hold on to each other when we travel in our sleep

We were ten. Now we’re nine
and we see our little brother in the dream see left behind

I play C…

(C) 2007 Royal T Music

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James Michael Taylor said

Stefan Prigmore James Michael Taylor thank YOU for writing such a powerful song and for letting me sing it

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James Michael Taylor said

So sweet.. and I relate sooo well. I only had three, but birthing them in 4 yrs, they seemed double that in number at times. And we were a share the bed family too. I played my guitar and sang for them to put them to sleep. I still have memories of the peace that held for me, and I think for them. Gwyn Henry

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James Michael Taylor said

Seems ea song I hear of yours for the first time is my new favorite song of yours! Gwyn Henry

Guest said

Beautiful pictures.

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