I'D BE GLAD TO LET YOU LOVE ME - Barbara Anne Taylor sings

James Michael Taylor

After seeing a quick pick up at the Leather Ball Saloon in Dallas one 1974 evening.

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stoman said

Great stuff, and what a beautiful voice!

Guest said

OMG I just realized… this has always been one of my most favorite JMT songs… and it comes from one of my most favorite JMT albums(FITW 1976)… the VERY first JMT album I ever owned! An album that was recorded over 40 years ago! I remember when JMT offered it For Sale from the stage of Montana Mining Company in Midland, Texas… and I jumped to buy it! OMG… My dear, dear old friend… has it really… has it really been 40 years? OMG

Guest said

Oh, Barbara is great! I love her voice! Really nice track, the music is wonderful.

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