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If I'd Been A Lutheran 110420

James Michael Taylor

About “If I’d Been A Lutheran *”

If I had been a Lutheran I might have married Jodi Ferris
Learned hillside irrigation and I’d have learned to weld
And all the city fathers would have slapped me on the shoulder and all the city mothers wished me well.

But I am not a Lutheran.I didn’t marry Jodi Ferris
But I worked for her father spraying weeds with diesel fuel
And all that summer, there among the orange trees
with Jodi on my mind in that house down the hill

When you’re just thirteen in a little town like Woodlake
And everybody says that you’re the prettiest girl in town
It must affect you. Your parents must protect you
when boys like Donny Brewer come around

Sometimes it makes me angry when I remember Jodi
I know it might sound crazy, it was so long ago.
But I’ve seen pictures of her with Donnie
And it makes me wonder, “Where did Jodi go.”

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