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Just Like Me 110520

James Michael Taylor

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How many people, each day, do you see
You think to yourself, “Hey, he’s just like me.”
He looks like my brother. He looks like my dad.
He looks like some old friend that I had.

When I’m sitting at the stop light
Or driving thru the Walmart parking lot

How many times a week do I see
Some little kid that reminds me of me
Skinny little blonde kid out on his bike
Reminds me of what it was like

When I’m driving thru my neighborhood
I see a guy on a ladder. Yeah, that was me

How many times a week do I see
Some old man that reminds me of me

(C) 2020 Royal T Music

Guest said

Love all your work !!!! your Music Video Videographer, Eric Haarnew

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Andrew Russe said

Yeah, cool track.

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