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James Michael Taylor

My mom is 91 and still holding on.
The people that help her make it thru
each day have learned that there is no
sense in arguing with her about who they
are or when it is…thus the song.


Mama has a time machine - Em
She’ll take you along - C

Sit down by her rocking chair - Em
Put your hand on her arm - C
Sometimes she talks to Papa - Am
She’ll take you back to Brook - D
She visits with them every day - Am
Close your eyes and take a look - C Em

Mama has a time machine
It only goes one way
She doesn’t have a future
But she still has yesterday
She talks to Little Jimmy
Little Jimmy talks to her
Little Jimmy’s almost 70
But he’s still Jimmy to her

Her eyes are blurred - Am
But her mind is clear
That’s Jimmy at her side - Em
If you lean real close -Am
You will hear
What’s on the other side - Em

Yeah, Mama has a time machine
Mama has a time machine
Mama has a time machine
And she’ll take you along
Just sit here by her rocking chair
Put your hand on her arm…

© 2008 Royal T Music

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Rhonie said

your vocals remind me of Neil Young on this and many of your other pieces - love your stuff man!!

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Norm said

Very clever! Great work with the chorus, too!

Guest said

Oh how lovely this is and so true. I have a parent in the same situation. Very tenderly done!

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