Missing Lu

James Michael Taylor

My buddy Lu Mitchell went the way of a song yesterday…


I will miss you, now that you’re gone
I will miss you, as I carry on
I held your hand up a step or two
Now I will miss you. I will miss you

There are those who cross our path
Stick around to share a laugh
Walk a mile. Jump a fence or two
I will miss you, I will miss you

Thru the years you sang your songs
We learned the lyric. We sang along
We learned French, and Spanish too
We’re all trilingual, and it’s thanks to you

We will miss you, now that you’re gone
We will miss you as we carry on
We shared a smile, now a tear or two
We will miss you. We will miss you.

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“She was the only one I had like her
And I was the only one she had like me.”

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Guest said

Nice tribute. Thoughtful and to the point. She will be missed.

Guest said

A beautiful tribute, James. We miss you too!!

Jerry Lobdill

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