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QUIET TONIGHT another great RICK BABB song

James Michael Taylor

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This is a Rick babb song. I seem to like it more than some of the people I’ve played it for but I think it just wasn’t quiet enough for them to really hear this. Maybe others haven’t been to this place. What a nice thot.

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Guest said

My last post tonight I promise! Here is the link to the video of James Michael Taylor and Sam The Lion - Shipping & Receiving 06/14/19 LIVE on YouTube PLEASE, somebody else watch this video and either confirm my belief SAM THE LION can own whatever song they want... or tell me I'm full of... ahhh... stuff...

Guest said

Yes, this is a great song. When I was allowed the honor of choosing my own "Best Of JMT" collection, I am proud to say... in that collection, I included another great Rick Babb song... "Here Comes Lonely" You know, Jimmy... I think I have a CD... someplace, in some drawer or box... tossed in with my collection of JMT "Works In Progress" and my collection of... "Hey, JohnQ, here is new song I'm working on!" CD's... well, that CD I am thinking of... I believe it is called... something like... Babb-ylon... ??? Maybe even a Babb-ylon II... ??? Think I'll go look... see if I can find it... see if I can find them...

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