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James Michael Taylor

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There’s nothing much sadder
Than an old brown recliner
Waiting by the road in the rain…

(C) 2021 Royal T Music

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James Michael Taylor said

Deanie Hamilton Berry James Michael Taylor, that was great and you may be right.

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Greg Connor said

Thanks for the great comments. It would be fun to spend an evening playing music with you in one of those "Cow Town" bars. You asked about my musical friends, we all live in the Minneapolis area, maybe within a 20 mile circle. Covid disrupted our activities a lot, and then we all seemed to have major disruptions in our life. My mother, for example, was on hospice most of last year and passed away at 93 years last fall. We are all coming out of the fog now and trying to get back to music. Tomorrow, Mark Lofgren, and I are meeting at Colleen Dillon's house for an afternoon of writing songs. With any luck we'll be posting something on Alonetone this week. I volunteer at Presbyterian Homes where my mother was and yesterday we had a little impromptu concert. I played guitar along with the Activity director and one of the memory care residents. Take a listen: Let's hope we all get much more active writing and recording this winter.

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Colleen Dillon said

We are all getting older indeed. Grateful for the roof over my head!

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Andrew Russe said

I'm loving these short ones - kinda meaningful statements in short chunks... leaving me wanting so much more....

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Greg Connor said

You have definitely captured a visual image here. I’m afraid we all, at some point, will be waiting out by the road in the rain.

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winstonbmusic said

short and sweet, i like it :)

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