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The Ramp 101417

James Michael Taylor

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They’re taking down the ramp next door at Rita’s
I’m no fool. I know what’s going on
Either she has died or she’s been taken to a home
where she will waste away

The boards are stacked up in the drive at Rita’s
I will help Al store them in the shed
I’ve been watching Al. He smokes a lot
soon he will need the ramp at Rita’s

Da da da

Rita’s son now parks his truck at Rita’s
He’s throwing scraps of carpet on the lawn
Maybe he has found the hard wood floors
They covered up back in the sixties          

The weather man says, “Rain today at Rita’s.”
He doesn’t know that Rita’s gone away
And when it rains next door, of course,
it rains at my…house…too

Da da da

Today they’re putting up the ramp again at Rita’s
I guess I haven’t seen Al for a week
And I’m collecting wood and Sheetrock screws
in my garage here next to Rita’s

They will bury me alone but
But Al will be right there next to Rita

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