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There She Was

James Michael Taylor

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Refuge into the imagination:
Is it crazy?
Is it survival?
Is desire to survive crazy?

THERE SHE WAS Key - G 102811

She’d been gone for three years now so he’d been on the road
Playing every truck stop bar and every song he wrote
A week in Winslow, Arizona. A month in Omaha
He’d stood beneath that Golden Gate and he had felt the awe.
Tempted by the devil to take that fatal plunge
From the oil spill stains of Bakersfield to the damp Seattle grunge
He’d fasted out of anger and he suffered from his thirst
He just tried to forget her.


He’d tried his best to draw a blank when he went to sleep at night
Disappear into the darkness. Find some refuge from the fight
But when the dawn was breaking dawn did that thing it does
His eyes moved underneath the lids and…… there she was.

One night in Fort Worth, Texas. Some Cowtown Stockyard stage
Where reds and blues make purple and the boots all smell like sage
And the girls all let their hair down and the cowboys wear their best
Another Cow Piss Margarita night. Like all the rest
He set his tip jar on the railing. He tapped the mic for sound
He strapped on his old Martin and when he turned around
He thot he saw her. That rush of hopeful lies
He looked away. He strummed a chord and then he closed his eyes

He tried his best to draw a blank. Just make it thru his song
Just make his fingers make the chords. Of course, he’d seen it wrong.
But when he hit the chorus, the way he always does
A harmony was at his ear and there she was.

She turned and walked into the night and left him standing stunned
With three more hours to face the crowd he was feeling so outgunned
And tho the crowd had no idea what they had just seen
He was left to figure out what it all could mean
He closed his eyes and tried to focus on the job at hand
And sang the songs that he still held at memory’s command
At last he made it thru the night he sang his final song
A song he’d written called One More and the people sang along

A song that she had told him to never sing again
He hummed the chorus to himself as he loaded up his van
He locked the back and he kicked the tires like he always does
And opening the front door, there she was

The moral of this story, perhaps you’d like to know
Is that there is no moral to this story and there’s no place else to go
Just a hope that hopes aren’t futile and that faith is more than fear
And the hope that things way out there someday will be here
We’re stuck here on this planet spinning round and round
And lucky we have gravity to keep us on the ground
But often gravity just isn’t quite enough
And that’s why we wonder off sometimes looking for some love
So, when you’re sad and lonely and needing some relief/Just grab yourself a guitar and tell a story you believe
Sometimes imagination is our only hope because/It’s in our imagination. Where she was.

(C) 2011 Royal T Music

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James Michael Taylor said

I sang this song at a Sunday night songwriter contest at The Playground in Fort Worth. No cigar.

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James Michael Taylor said

"Plays out like a movie for me. Nice storytelling 👌" Vicki Me...Yes, but does the autism show? Vicki...Not necessarily. But the talent for music and creative expression coupled with the line voice of the narrator yearning to connect with others is pretty tell-tale imho It’s a recurrent theme. Even your social justice stance of anti-war. The outsider. The outlier. High intelligence and love of literature… Enter Vicki-Lee Peaceful nature Enter Vicki-Lee Vicki-Lee Cayrouse Not many other aspies have a handle on this too good. It would come down to sensory issues really. But if it’s not autism (Asperger’s syndrome) it’s probably something neurodivergent. And that could be ADHD (not always hyperactive presentation but more a neurology and the way you think) or bipolar (creatives) or something like sound synesthesia or dyslexia etc

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James Michael Taylor said

Rafi Arkin said, "Great story and song. I didn’t listen to it all as I’m trying to get through more songs on the list, but what I did hear I liked and enjoyed reading the rest of the lyrics too. Thought some of the verse melody notes were a little obvious and I could see them being stretched slightly but that shows I was into it. Wish I could write song stories like that!"

Guest said

Hey, James Michael Taylor, after I listened to your song, and wrote my praise of it, I couldn't get back on Facebook.....couldn't get it to open my page. It's that mass shooting in New Zealand has them freaked out, double checking every post. That murderer just killed all those people in our homes on Facebook. If we don't stop them, we probably won't survive in more ways than we can count.

Guest said

This is authentic, deep Texas traditional, story telling song writing. Damned hard to do this well. Good critique by: Estra (Estrella) Berosini, aka: "Estrella, Circus Girl."

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James Michael Taylor said

Mighty powerful feelings of aloneness and independence, songs and songwriting/singing a perfect fit! Keith Haas

Guest said

Nice song with a well told story.

Guest said

Ah now, yes lovely lyrics! Oh, I knew I had heard part of it before, well, I love the expanded version. (smiley face)

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terrysongs said

Raw and gritty and very good

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