Zack Facco

Zack Facco

from Cambridge, MA, US

Strange Time, Strange Mind (2015)

10 tracks by Zack Facco

Stsm cover at large

RPM 2015 submission. All songs recorded and most written in February 2015. I used this challenge in part to expand on some ideas I've been kicking around for a while. But in the end I needed to do a lot of improv to fill out the 10 song quota. Featuring Noplay Glancy of "The Sound Down Cellar" on drums ("Pinckney & Pearl"), weird hand built instruments ("Strange Mind", "DMV-2058") and character acting ("DMV-2058) and Johnny Berosh drums ("Tegan Says", "11:01 (Boston Sux)"). For more on "The Sound Down Cellar" check out Johnny Berosh also has a vaudevillian comedy act. More info at



Fractals (2012)

10 tracks by Zack Facco

Fractals cover 400x400 large

Released for RPM Challenge 2012. Many thanks to Mic Pogo ( who provided most of the percussion. Also to Wes Murphy (organ), Stephen Hebert (trumpet) and Jason Styles (cello) who performed on "Enter Here".