Zack Facco

Zack Facco

from Cambridge, MA, US

Strange Time, Strange Mind (2015)

10 tracks by Zack Facco

RPM 2015 submission. All songs recorded and most written in February 2015. I used this challenge in part to expand on some ideas I've been kicking around for a while. But in the end I needed to do a lot of improv to fill out the 10 song quota. Featuring Noplay Glancy of "The Sound Down Cellar" on drums ("Pinckney & Pearl"), weird hand built instruments ("Strange Mind", "DMV-2058") and character acting ("DMV-2058) and Johnny Berosh drums ("Tegan Says", "11:01 (Boston Sux)"). For more on "The Sound Down Cellar" check out Johnny Berosh also has a vaudevillian comedy act. More info at