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BETWEEN - 11-27/28-12

I step out of the car
I don’t know where we are
Somewhere between a planet
A planet and a star
I never dreamed I’d end up
in a place like this

The Multnomah Falls is up the Columbia Gorge
Somewhere between Portland and Pendleton
Sometimes when I go there
I really don’t know where I am

I step out on the bridge
Sun sparkles in the mist
Somewhere between the water and the world
Never dreamed I’d wake up in a world like this

When you’re sleeping in your car
It doesn’t matter where you are
Somewhere between a planet and a star
Never dreamed I’d wake up in a place like this

And then there’s Crater Lake and
the Sequoias and the San Joaquin Valley
And the coast of California
and the Mojave Desert…

© 2012 Royal T Music

Guest said

And ALL of that... I remember when my boys first came to CA. They were late teens, and early 20s. I took them to see Sunset cliffs. If you don't know it, it's easy to imagine: a sweeping vista of sky, sea and pelicans on a postcard. We got out, walked around... they said nothing, somber faces, withdrawn. "I step out of my car/ I don't know where we are..." It seemed the oddest thing at the time, but I knew this is what they were feeling. This song carries the magnificence of arrival in a beautiful new world. Or when my mother drove my sister & I from OK to CA to join my dad during the Korean War. Somewhere in New Mexico along Rt 66 we pulled over to sleep for a few hours. I woke up at dawn before anyone else, to discover the windshield of the car was filled with an enormous glowing ball. At age 6, I had never seen anything like this sun. I hardly knew what it was. This song was written for such moments. A beautiful, beautiful song. And those guitars in the middle are liquid light. Thank you for thinking of me in relation to this. I will always feel a tiny bit it belongs to me.

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

I,v been across that bridge at sun set ,spectacular .

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Beautiful sounds. Love those guitars and harmonies.

Guest said

Lovely tight harmonies here James. I like the talking, nice touch and wow the guitar tone is beautiful. Bee

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

most excellent!!! seems like you have fallen under the same spell that i have at times,

Just Jane's avatar
Just Jane said

Gorgeous :)

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Beautiful love your vocal

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

Now we reach that wanderlust that temporary resident soul, that hides in all of us travelers.

Guest said

You Are Here,Pacific Coast Hyway all the way to from B.C. to Mexico. My Neiborhood

Guest said

Lovely xx Mrs T.

Keith Landry's avatar
Keith Landry said

Superb little nugget!

Guest said

Mice, digging the vocals.

Lake Fork Verne's avatar
Lake Fork Verne said

Sweet and short like a slide show?

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

A complete thought in just over a minute. Nice little gem. I had to press "*PLAY*" twice. . . still hungry after the first time through.

Guest said

short and sweet yes and I love it !!! thanks james for sharing

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

great sound I like the simple guitar work ,sweet and inviting. but short is there more?