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by Keith Landry


By Lake And By Lee

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This celtic folk piece is a collaboration with lyricist Donna Devine.

This is Donna’s explanation:

Background: In earlier centuries, young men were captured by “press gangs” - often literally torn away from their lover’s or their mother’s side - and forced to serve on warships of the Royal Navy or in the British Merchant Navy. Although this activity occurred less often in Ireland than in England, nevertheless it did take place there. Hence the Celtic mode. (-:

Vocals/violin: Robyn McKenzie
Guitar/bass/spoons: Billy Playle
Bodhran: Vincent Pompe van Meerdevoort
Lyrics: Donna Devine
Composition/arrangement/mix: Steffen Offermann

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

First rate stuff there! Wonderful!

Guest said

very nice song!nice to listen to when it rains outside :)

Guest said

Such a lovely song Steffen.

lgh's avatar
lgh said

Hello, I just signed up today, and wanted to drop in and say hello to you.... This is a nice collab that I've enjoyed since I first heard it... LG

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Geir said

This is one of my favourites of yours Steffen. Love it !

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Andrew Russe said

Another goodie... Thoroughly enjoyable listen to all of your tracks on here so far... I'm amazed at all the different styles you take on and succeed at.

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Dave Berry said

This one is stunning

Keith Landry's avatar
Keith Landry said

Looooove the celtic music! And again with the incredible vocals!

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thetworegs said

Beautiful the guitar and voice..............