lux lucis

lux lucis

from Oregon, US

About "Bird"

I wake up, in sweat, afraid again
I wonder where you are
I reach out in the darkness
you’re never very far

we stand together, hand in hand
stretched out across the land
it’s green and lush, there is no rush
there are birds in my hands

and with you’re help, my God, again
I climb out of sinking sand
you put this thing inside of me
that makes me want to be a better man

you’re love surrounds me everywhere
it fills me up inside
you dispel the darkness
I no longer have to hide

I’m crucified to this world
and it’s crucified to me
you delivered me from the flesh
from the world, from the enemy

we stand together , hand in hand
stretched out across the land
there is no rush, it’s green and lush…

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