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Chameleon Skin

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Motion, set in motion by your actions
Forced to hide in this cavern
Where your spear tip will not reach
Display, on display for the big show
Hand fed by humans now if I could only reach above the water


I reach out with all 8 arms open
Jets of water forced in
A cephalopod filled with rage

I tangled in twisted emotion
Poking and prodding by fingers
Just to watch my array

Solace, I find my solace by hiding
Guided by the lonely light in my eyes
Remembering my home below
Feeding, hand fed by humans
Think that they’ve saved me, their my friend
Shown off to the world no way to defend

Warning, Danger, don’t come near
This is my home not yours down here
Unless you would like to stay
That can be arranged
It might not be as comfortable
Below the surface you will recall
I have no bones and you are but a mouthful
Ring the dinner bell boys! It’s our turn!