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Scum Bucket

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Collecting coins, for your fountain of youth
A life based on substance
What you have you can’t lose
The bottom is ugly
Tattooed on their skin
The top of this world
Must be right where you live
You flaunt what you have
Attention you crave
You’d sell your own soul
Oh wait, you already did

Shed your disguise
All covered with flies
Your just a beast filled with disease
Your not worth my time

Shed your disguise
I’ll look right in your eyes
So full of it, you don’t know shit
Or where you begin
I’m telling you

Around here we don’t take kindly to strangers in limousines
Around here is not where you wanna be when your alone

Might not be the best place but it’s better than before
So lets gather them up
Build ourselves a fire full of money, corporate lackeys, junkies and whores

Shed your disguise
Stop telling us lies
Just to hear yourself talk
I don’t give a fuck
About what you thought
I’m telling you

Shed your disguise
You’ll have no where to hide
You don’t scare me, I do believe
I’d rather piss on your grave, hell!

The last word now belongs to me
I don’t have to sit here to let you feel bigger
I know what lies underneath